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Pipe Application in Residential Building

"Vanke Garden City" Cooperation Project
Founded in May,1984 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China Vanke Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise specialized in residential real estate development in China at present. By the year of 2009, VANKE had established branch companies in over 20 cities of China and its turnover was up to 48.6 billion CNY.

The "Vanke Garden City" residential project is located in the bustling Wujing Town, Xuhui District of Shangtai. The gross floor area of "Vanke Garden City" project is 240000m2. As a professional water pipe supplier, SEEFINE cooperated with Vanke in 2008. The drainage pipe system of "Vanke Garden City" is made up of PPR, PVC and PE water pipes provided by our company. We offered Vanke Garden City about 120000m pipes in total.

"Resources Ziyun Mansion" Cooperation Project
China Resources Land Limited has total assets of more than 96 billion HKD and land reserve area of over 22.1 million square meters, Resources Land now has developed lots of projects in 26 cities in Mainland China. It is one of the largest and most powerful comprehensive property developers in China.

"Resources Ziyun Mansion" is a residential project developed by Resources Land in the year of 2009-2011. The "Ziyun Mansion" project covers an area of 69.24mu (46160m2) and has a gross floor area of 19000m2.

SEEFINE which is a trustworthy pipe manufacturer cooperated with Resources Land in 2009 and provided about 260000m PPR, PVC and PE pipes for the water supply & drainage pipe system of "Resources Ziyun Mansion" project.