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  • Comprehensive Business District

  • Hefei Wanda Plaza of Wanda Group Cooperation Project
    Founded in 1988, Wanda Group focuses on the business scope of commercial real estate, high-grade hotel, culture activity and chain department store. With assets of 100 billion CNY, Wanda Group has invested in many projects in over 50 cities around China. This company has built up 27 Wanda Plazas, 8 five-star grade hotels, 400 pieces of movie screens and 11 chain department stores all over China.

    Hefei Wanda Plaza is located in the center of Hefei City. Its planed land area is 11.07 hectares and its gross floor area is 703.5 thousand square meters. As a professional pipe system supplier, SEEFINE cooperated with Wanda Group in 2009 and offered Hefei Wanda Plaza 70000 meters of PPR, PVC and PE pipes used as its water supply & drainage pipes and floor heating pipes.

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  • Residential Building

  • "Vanke Garden City" Cooperation Project
    Founded in May,1984 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China Vanke Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise specialized in residential real estate development in China at present. By the year of 2009, VANKE had established branch companies in over 20 cities of China and its turnover was up to 48.6 billion CNY.

    The "Vanke Garden City" residential project is located in the bustling Wujing Town, Xuhui District of Shangtai. The gross floor area of "Vanke Garden City" project is 240000m2. As a professional water pipe supplier, SEEFINE cooperated with Vanke in 2008. The drainage pipe system of "Vanke Garden City" is made up of PPR, PVC and PE water pipes provided by our company. We offered Vanke Garden City about 120000m pipes in total.

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  • University

  • Shanxi University Cooperation Project
    Located in Taiyuan City, the capital city of Shanxi Province, China, Shanxi University has long history and profound cultural accumulation. Established in 1902, Shanxi University is one of the earliest universities in China. It covers an area of 2066 mu (about 1377333m2) with floor area of 987000m2.

    In 2010, a professional pipe manufacturer, SEEFINE participated in the plumbing engineering of Shanxi University and provided it with PPR, PVC and PE-RT water pipes which were about 140000m-long in total.

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  • Airport

  • Pipe Application in Airport
    China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is the first airline of Civil Aviation Administration of China that is listed in Hongkong, NewYork and Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines is one of the three largest state-owned key aviation enterprises in China. In December, 2008, China Eastern Airlines started to construct the Hefei Xinqiao International Airport whose total area is 18780m2.

    The water supply and drainage pipes in Hefei Xinqiao International Airport were supplied by SEEFINE, a professional pipe system supplier. SEEFINE cooperated with China Eastern Airlines provided about 110000m PPR and PVC pipes for Hefei Xinqiao International Airport to be used as water supply and drainage pipes.

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  • Hospital

  • Founded in May, 1949, The First People's Hospital of Taicang is a general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, researching, disease prevention and health care. The newly-built First People's Hospital of Taicang is located in Taicang New District and covers an area of 150mu (100000m2). This hospital has floor area of 130000m2 and green area of 38.2%. It is a modern hospital with beautiful environment.

    The new First People's Hospital of Taicang used about 47000m SEEFINE PPR, PVC and PE water pipes to build its water supply and drainage pipe system.

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  • Enterprise

  • Xiamen Yinlu Group Co., Ltd. is located in the Yinlu High-tech Park, which is one of the earliest high-tech parks for township enterprise. Yinlu covers an area of 800000m2 has floor area of nearly 300000m2. With total investment of nearly 1.5 billion CNY, Yinlu is one of the largest canned foods production bases in Fujian Province.

    As a trustworthy pipe and pipe fitting manufacturer, SEEFINE cooperated with Yinlu in 2010. The water supply and drainage pipes in the production base of Yinlu were PPR and PVC pipes provided by our company. We totally offered it about 190000m-long pipes.

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  • Hotel

  • In 2002, Shanghai Motel Hotel Management Co., Ltd. was set up and the budget hotel brand "Motel 168" was created. At present, there are 130 "Motel 168" hotels in China and more are planed to be built. "Motel 168" has now become one of the top three budget hotel brands in China.

    Shanghai Motel Hotel Management Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with SEEFINE since 2009 and it purchases more than 250000m PPR, PVC and PE water pipes form our company every year.

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