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Pipe Application in Comprehensive Business District

Hefei Wanda Plaza of Wanda Group Cooperation Project
Founded in 1988, Wanda Group focuses on the business scope of commercial real estate, high-grade hotel, culture activity and chain department store. With assets of 100 billion CNY, Wanda Group has invested in many projects in over 50 cities around China. This company has built up 27 Wanda Plazas, 8 five-star grade hotels, 400 pieces of movie screens and 11 chain department stores all over China.

Hefei Wanda Plaza is located in the center of Hefei City. Its planed land area is 11.07 hectares and its gross floor area is 703.5 thousand square meters. As a professional pipe system supplier, SEEFINE cooperated with Wanda Group in 2009 and offered Hefei Wanda Plaza 70000 meters of PPR, PVC and PE pipes used as its water supply & drainage pipes and floor heating pipes.

Yifu Real Estate Cooperation Project
Yifu Real Estate Hefei Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned company with registered capital of 20 million dollars. The company is mainly engaged in the development of commercial real estate, culture industry and tourist industry. The Experience Plaza developed by Yifu is the largest shopping mall in Anhui Province. The plaza covers an area of 33934 square meters and has a gross floor area of about 180000 square meters. It is a large urban complex integrating commerce, apartment, office building, dwelling house, hotel, cinema, sport venue, leisure venue, etc.

Yifu Real Estate Hefei Development Co., Ltd. cooperated with SEEFINE in 2008. It bought our PPR, PVC and PE water pipes to build its water supply and drainage pipe system. Its total purchase volume is about 90000 meters.