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After extensive research and development projects, our company launched our high-end European-series SEEFINE brand pipes, arousing attention within the pipe industry. SEEFINE pipes are currently being utilized by the Non-Governmental Organizations of the UN and received their recommendation. Now the "SEEFINE" brand is becoming synonymous with "green and eco-friendly". Utilizing eco-friendly materials imported from Europe and the advanced M&M-TEC technology adopted from Germany, our company produces quality European domestic pipes.

Health Lines with Family
SEEFINE advocates "Health Lines for Family" and is committed to making sure every family receives safe drinking water to be healthy and happy.

Water is the most important resource in the world. If water is polluted, the health of all members of a community will be affected. The yellow water flowing from galvanized pipe or the harmful chemical substances contained in inferior pipes tends to worry people. SEEFINE suggests that every member of a community with sense of responsibility should not neglect the importance of domestic water pipes and demand high-quality pipes to protect the health of everyone.

European-Series Healthy Domestic Pipe
Based on 16 years of production experience, SEEFINE introduced an advanced pipe production technology. SEEFINE is noted for a superior product concept and quality service practices adopted from Europe in 2008. In that year, our company took the initiative and launched the "European-series Healthy Domestic Pipe" and advocated for the healthy lifestyle that comes from drinking and using water from high quality pipes.

In Europe, where there is a heavy emphasis on quality of life, people understandably attach great importance to the purity and safety of water. They no longer use pipes which may influence the quality of water for their domestic water pipelines because they know that any tiny pollution source may cause great damage to their health since they use water every day. It is easy to see why the residents of developed countries in the Europe have extremely high requirements for domestic water pipes.

Additionally, European nations tend to be more concerned about environment protection. For Europeans, being eco-friendly is an essential requirement for water pipes. They also pay attention to the applicability, plasticity and workmanship of the pipes. Selecting SEEFINE pipes and pipe fittings, you can enjoy superior quality that meets even the strictest standards.

Raw Materials All Imported from Europe
SEEFINE pipes and pipe fittings are produced with raw materials all imported from Europe to ensure our pipes and pipe fittings are non-toxic, eco-friendly and in conformity with the international safety standard.

German M&M-TEC production technology and Standard
We employ M&M-TEC production technology originating in Germany in the production process of our pipes. We also employ German experts to act as our technical and quality consultants to strictly control the quality of our products. By virtue of advanced production technology and strict quality control, we offer reliable water pipes with fine workmanship, good pressure resistance and cracking resistance.

Durable/Transporting Healthy Water for 50 Years
Our PP-R pipe has a lifespan of over 50 years when operating under normal conditions. It is corrosion resistant, anti-scale, anti-rust, and antibacterial.

Pressure Withstanding and Cracking Resistance
Tested by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the designed working pressure of SEEFINE PP-R pipe is up to 2.5Mpa.

21 Years' Experience
As a professional plastic pipe and pipe fitting manufacturer, SEEFINE has 21 years of production and servicing experience, and is skillful in pipe installation and maintenance. We conduct incoming inspections, process inspections and delivery inspections to make sure the pipes and pipe fittings offered to the customers are satisfactory. In addition, our company was awarded the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

The First Chinese Brand Awarded as "United Nations World Harmony City Designated Products"
During the launch conference of SEEFINE pipes, Judia, the vice president of the World Harmony Foundation of the UN, presented SEEFINE with a United Nations World Harmony City Designated Product award. It is reported that it was for the first time that a Chinese product was included on the list of United Nations World Harmony City Designated Products.

Judia pointed out in his speech that the World Harmony City Program was an international organizational program aiming to set an example for harmonious development worldwide and to advocate eco-friendly economies and green human habitats.

The premium products of SEEFINE include PP-R hot and cold water pipes, PP-R pipe fittings, PEX pipes and pipe fittings, PE-RT pipes and pipe fittings, PVC-U drainage pipes, rainwater pipes and pipe fittings, PVC-U electrical conduits, PVC-U hush pipes and pipe fittings, PE gas pipes and pipe fittings, PE100 water supply pipes and pipe fittings, HTPE double-wall corrugated pipes and pipe fittings, HTPP pipes, etc. Currently, our company is developing sanitary products, pipeline valves and other new building material products.