PEX Pipe and Fittings

    1. PEX PipeOur PEX gas pipe has high heat resistance with a normal working temperature up to 95℃. It is able to endure the stress test for working at 110℃ for 8000 hours. Our PEX pipe is able bended freely without breakage.
    1. PEX Pipe
      (Plastic Pipe with EVOH Oxygen Barrier)
      Our PEX pipe with EVOH barrier is designed and produced to inhibit microorganism growth and protect the metals in the heating system against corrosion and rusting. The valve, switch and boiler is extended.
    1. PEX Pipe
      (Anti-UV Plastic Tubing)
      The Anti-UV PEX pipe offered by our company is eco-friendly and antibacterial. Firm connection makes our PEX heating pipe leak-proof. Being corrosion resistant, our PEX water pipe has long service life.
    1. Brass Pipe Fittings
      (PEX Pipe Fittings)
      Containing no chemical additives, our brass pipe fittings we produce will not contaminate materials that come in contact with them. Made of reusable brass, our product is a green building material.

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