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(PEX Pipe Fittings)

Brass Pipe Fittings
(PEX Pipe Fittings)

Our brass fittings are appropriate for connecting PEX pipes in water supply and heating systems.

1. The brass PEX pipe accessory provided by our company, a reliable pipe and fitting manufacturer, integrates the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire proof. (Melting point of brass is1083℃.) These characteristics render our brass fittings for PEX pipes fit for long-term working in various environments.

2. Compared with ordinary metal pipe fittings, our brass PEX pipe fittings not only have higher strength but also are easier to bended. Apart from good flexibility and ductility, our brass PEX pipe enclosures are resistant to shock, impact and frost heaving.

3.The brass fitting we offer has the capacity to withstand extremely high or low temperature in the range of -196℃~250℃. Since our product is adaptive to sharp temperature change (high temperature-low temperature-high temperature), no usability decreasing or aging phenomenon will occur due to long time use or sharp temperature change.

4. Containing no chemical additives, our brass fitting will not release toxic gas. It is a green building material since brass is reusable.

5. Construction of our brass fittings for PEX pipes is easy, efficient and safe.