PE-RT Pipe and Fittings

    1. PE-RT Pipe
      (Underfloor Heating Pipe)
      Due to its outstanding flexibility, high temperature resistance and easy connection, our PE-RT pipe is suitable for use in low temperature radiation heating systems (including floor heating ...
    1. PE-RT Pipe
      (Plastic Pipe with EVOH Oxygen Barrier)
      Our PE-RT pipe with EVOH is designed to inhibit microorganism growth and to prevent metal parts from rust and corrosion. This pipe greatly extends the life of the metal parts such as the valve, switch, boiler, etc.
    1. Brass Plumbing Fittings
      (PE-RT Pipe Fittings)
      Our brass fittings for PE-RT pipe are resistant to cold, heat, pressure, corrosion and fire (Melting point of brass is 1083℃.) These characteristics allow for almost universal use in all environments.

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