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(PE-RT Pipe Fittings)

Brass Plumbing Fittings
(PE-RT Pipe Fittings)

The brass fittings produced by our company, a trustworthy pipe and fitting manufacturer, is used to connect the PE-RT pipes for water supply and heating systems.

1. Our brass fittings for PE-RT pipe is of stable chemical properties. They are resistant to cold, heat, pressure, corrosion and fire (Melting point of brass is1083℃.) Therefore they can work normally in different environment for a long time.

2. The brass PE-RT pipe accessories we offer have higher hardness than plastic and high strength the same as ordinary metal, but our brass pipe accessories are easier to be bended than ordinary metal pipes. With fine flexibility and ductility, they are also resistant to shock, impact and frost heaving.

3. Our brass fitting for PE-RT pipe is able to bear extremely low or high temperature ranging from -196℃ to 250℃. It is adaptive to sharp temperature change (high temperature-low temperature-high temperature) and its usability will not decrease due to long time use or sharp temperature change. No aging phenomenon will occur to our brass PE-RT pipe enclosure as well.

4. Containing no chemical additives, the brass pipe fittings we produce will not release toxic gas. Made of brass which is reusable, our product is a green building material which contributes to resource saving.

5. Our brass fitting for PE-RT pipe features easy, efficient and safe construction.