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PVC-U Pipe Fittings

Applications of PVC-U Pipe Fittings
1. The indoor water supply system and claimed water system in civil building and industrial building
2. Buried water supply system for housing estate and factory
3. Urban water supply pipeline system
4. Water pipe system in water treatment plant
5. Pipes for landscape irrigation, pit sinking and other industrial use

1. Elegant appearance makes our PVC-U pipe fittings fit for modern large buildings.
2. Smooth inner wall reduces the friction resistance to fluid.
3. Our PVC-U pipe accessories are made of green materials which are highly impact-resistant.
4. The PVC-U pipe fitting offered by our company, a reliable PVC pipe manufacturer, is highly corrosion resistant. It is immune from the corrosion of corrosive soil, acidic liquid or alkaline liquid.
5. Our PVC-U pipe enclosures are economical and convenient to use since they can be jointed by solvent cement.
6. Being of light weight, our PVC-U pipe & fittings are easy to transport, install and maintain.
7. The life span of our PVC-U pipe fitting is up to 50 years.

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