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(Plastic Drainage Pipe)

PVC-U Pipe
(Plastic Drainage Pipe)

  • Double-wall spiral hush pipe
  • Single-wall spiral hush pipe

As a professional water pipe manufacturer, we produce PVC-U hush pipe which is made of PVC added with special additives. Our product is mainly used for the hush drainage system in buildings to create a comfortable home environment.

1. Low Cost

Designed with a high flow capacity which is 1/3 higher than that of the common pipe in the same size, our PVC-U hush pipe helps save 30% total cost and increase the usable area of your house in essence.

2. Noise Reducing
Our PVC-U pipe is able to lower the noise when water flows. After it flows from the horizontal branch pipe into the vertical pipe, the water will go on flowing downwards along the protuberant spiral bars inside the vertical pipe guided by the tee joint and cross joint. In this way, collision between the water flow and the air moving irregularly as well as the pipe wall is reduced, resulting in the reducing of “water hammer” impact and the noise of water flow.

3. Safe and Sanitary
Since it comes with good pressure reduction performance, our PVC-U hush pipe greatly increases the safety of drainage pipeline in high-rise buildings. At the same time, our PVC-U drainage pipe also reduces the possibility of bubbling and damping of the closestool.

4. Easy Installation and Maintenance
If you install the PVC-U hush pipe in a building of less than 10 storeys, no vent pipe, H-pipe fittings or expansion joints are needed. Both the horizontal and vertical pipes are detachable, making pipe installation and maintenance convenient.

PVC-U Hush Pipe
Specification (mm): 75, 110, 160.

Standard Technical Index for PVC-U Hush Pipe
No. Item Standard Requirements
1 Appearance The inner and outer walls of the pipe should be smooth and flat with no bubbles, cracks, obvious marks, pits, uneven color or discoloration. The color of the pipe should be white.
2 Size Up to the standard.
3 Tensile Yield Strength ≥ 40
4 Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) ≤ 75
5 Longitudinal Shrinkage Rate (%) ≤ 5
6 Drop Weight Impact Test 20 ≥ 9/10 passing
7 Longitudinal Shrinkage Rate (%) ≤ 5
8 Noise Reduction (dB) (A) > 8
9 Length Generally 4m; Customization is available.
Using Instructions
Pipe cutting: After the desired length of the PVC-U hush pipe is decided, you can cut the pipe through a steel saw manually or cut it using a circular saw blade. The two ends of the pipes should be smooth. Thendeburr and chamfer the pipes. Avoid too large chamfer.
Jointing of pipe fittings: Measure the length of the straight pipe that should be inserted into the fitting socket before jointing and draw a mark on the straight pipe. First install the cap and the end ring, theninsert the vertical pipe into the fitting socket. Finally, install the rubber gasket and screw the cap.
Pay attention to install the rubber gasket and the end ring in a right direction.
Install a clamp between the pipes if the storey height is higher than 3m.