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(Plastic Electrical Conduit)

PVC-U Pipe
(Plastic Electrical Conduit)

Our PVC-U electricalconduits are pipelines which allow the electric wires or cables to go through in them so as to protect and guarantee the wiring of electric wires or cables in electric appliance installation projects.

1. Our PVC-U electrical conduit is made of PVC resin added with special additives and processed by extrusion and injection molding technologies.

2. Both the inner and outer walls of our PVC-U conduit pipe are smooth with low friction coefficient to reduce the resistance for the electric wires and cables to go through the pipes.

3. The PVC-U electricalconduit provided by our company which is a trusted pipe system supplier is able to withstand high pressure. It can be surface-mounted or be laid in the concrete without being damaged by high pressure.

4. Our electrical wiring pipe is resistant to acid and alkali.

5. This cable conduit has fine flame retardation performance and insulating property. It will stop burning within 30s after the flame is put out. No breakdown will occur when it is immersed in water and charged by the AC/220V/50Hz power supply for 15 minutes.

6. Colorless and odorless additives are used in our PVC-U electrical conduit to protect it against damage caused by mice or pests.

7. Our PVC-U conduit is lightweight and easy to bend, therefore it is convenient to install. (Conduit with DN less than 32mm can be cut easily with a pipe cutter. With a dedicated spring inserted into it, our PVC-U pipe can be bended to the desired angle manually under normal temperature.)

PVC-U Electrical Conduit
Specification (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
16 1.5
20 1.6
25 1.7
32 1.8
40 2.4
Temperature Requirements
Temperature Rating Lowest ambient temperature (℃) Long-term working temperature range (℃)
Transportation and Storage Temperature (℃) Operation and Installation Temperature (℃)
-25 type -25 -15 -15~60
-15 type -15 -15 -15~60
-5 type -5 -5 -5~60
90 type -5 -5 -5~60*
90/-25 type -25 -15 -15~60*
* Our PVC-U conduit is able to bear 90℃ temperature laid in precast concrete.