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PPR Pipe Fittings

PPR pipe fittings offered by our company, a professional PPR pipe system manufacturer, can be used for a wide range of applications such as hot and cold water pipeline (including solar energy system), heating system ( including floor heating pipeline), central air conditioning system , irrigation system, industrial pipeline, etc.

1. Our PPR pipe fitting is rather durable and has a service life as long as 50 years due to its high resistance to chemicals and other corrosive elements.
2. Incomparable smooth and porosity-free inner surface of both the pipes and fittings guarantee very low pressure loss and avoids scaling.
3. Our PPR pipe fitting is made of nontoxic and harmless materials.
4. In addition to heat preservation function, our PPR pipe accessories are designed with excellent acoustic insulation function to lower the noise produced by water flow.
5. The PPR pipe fittings we offer are in lighter weight compared with metal pipe systems.
6. Our tube accessories are convenient to install and can help you build a cost-effective pipeline network.
7. No furring occurs while cutting our PPR pipe fitting.
8. Being reusable, our pipe accessory is energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

PPR Pipe fittings series 1
PPR Pipe fittings series 2